Academic Expectations

Reading Expectations

We expect out students to read at a level 5-6 by the time they leave kindergarten.  They should be reading fluently and comprehending what they’ve read as well.  They need to read at least 15 minutes everyday, even on weekends.

Math Expectations

We expect our students to be able to accomplish the following tasks by the end of the year

  • Counting to 100
  • Identify and describe shapes
  • Sorting objects into groups based on attributes
  • Reading and writing numbers 1-20
  • Make, extend, and read patterns
  • Read a calendar
  • Compare length, weight, capacity, and temp.
  • Do simple number sentences

Writing Expectations

We give a writing grade starting the 4th six weeks. The grades for writing are as follows:

1= scribbling, really no attempt at writing or copying words

2= basic sentence using sight words, no attempt at sounding out unknown words, uses some isolated letters to represent whole words. Sentences are not over same topic and do not flow easily. Penmanship at this stage may be more difficult to read as well.

3= This is where we expect our kindergarteners to be when they leave. Here, they are writing several complete thoughts on one topic. They are using some sight words but are also attempting to sound out unknown words as well. These would be viewed as a very short story. No characters, no problem or solution, just sentences. Penmanship is much easier to read.

4= For the students that really excel in writing. They are writing elaborate stories with characters, problems, solutions, and settings.  They even include some dialogue as well. We are looking for a beginning, middle, and ending in their paper as well as the use of periods and capitalization.  Penmanship here must be extremely easy to read and story must flow smoothly.





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